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Auline - entity company of LiPo & Li0on battery

Our manily business is products High discharge rate LiPo battery. Second part of us is creat new things around RC Hobby.

Auline Innovation Co.,LTD is one strength battery manufacture in China. We're constantly exploring batteries that are better suited for model aircraft. We are constantly innovating in our production processes, all wewant make more quality products and reduce production costs.

We already explored 3 production technology;
We own 85C continue discharge rate LiPo battery and 120C burst discharge rate (Base on Auline battery discharge stander);
Our minimum battery is available 40mAh 10C;
We have 4 types battery Li(NiCoMn)O2, LiPo, Li-on (Soft pack) and Cylindrical battery;
We have our own independent laboratories and test rooms. We keep design and exploring more new products.

auline factory
auline soldering battery
auline battery factory

Company Culture

Core values of Auline
Equality, Gratitude, Inheritance, Innovation.

Auline Development Goals
Produce better quality products and meet market demands

Company Tenets
Satisfy customers is first thing for us,
Continuously develop and innovate,
Scientific and standardized production,