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Narrate by Auline

It is a happy thing to be able to turn hobbies into careers.

   Auline founder Jerry Liang Participated in the "Electric Kite Society" during college and exchanged knowledge about models with many common enthusiasts.

   The design scope of our community models includes: fixed-wing, multi-axis and remote-control car models. After graduation, participate in work related to model products.

   With the development and growth of the fixed-wing and multi-axis drone industry, it has brought us more opportunities and challenges.

   Our company founded the Auline brand in 2020, focusing on providing more efficient battery powered systems for multi-rotor drones.

   The Auline brand was founded in 2020 with quality as the first goal and serves global customers. In order to win the recognition of customers, it has won high praise from all walks of life and worked hard. The company team has many years of experience in model flight / matching, and has a better understanding of products and player needs.

At present, our company has launched two series of polymer lithium battery series:

      ----- EX series: Mainly used in FPV / RC competition field, the top competition power system developed for FPV / RC professional players;

      ----- ECO series: mainly used in aerial photography field and FPV / RC fancy game positioning, providing players with more practice and aerial photography time;

   In the next few years, Auline will launch more high-quality product series according to market changes and needs. Different series of batteries and motors are matched with corresponding ESC, Propellers to form a complete power system to meet the needs of users in different fields.

   During the development period, Auline still adhered to the development concept of quality first, and was unique in the vast business sea. It was guided by customer needs, aimed at improving product performance and quality, and constantly innovated and developed to bring more satisfied products to customers.

   When human civilization emerged, as one of the extremely rare, precious, and highly valued metals, gold has played an important unit of measurement to measure the value of things.

Value manifestation

Every penny spent by the customer can get the corresponding item value.

Value cycle

Completing the purchase is not the end of the service, but just the beginning.

Innovation value

Starting from the basis of user experience, innovative ideas bring more design added value to products.

Human value

Our sincere service is an important step in protecting our customers' value and reflecting our value.

Integrity value