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Auline 2600mah 4S 18650 Pack for DJI Goggle got problems? We find it out.

Hi Pilots,

I am Jerry from Auline Innovation LTD.

We have released many new packs at FPV market, include LiPo and Lion Pack.

We received many good sound and complain sounds also. Especial the problem with 2600mah 4S 18650 Pack for DJI Goggle.

Two customer met same problem the Solder Point was Broken:

As new brand at FPV market, that make us so nervous.

But we find it out immediately and complete the Resolvent.

We changed Solder Direction in order to change Force Point (see picture)

TThat will help a lots reduce force strength of solder point and avoid the problem happen again.

We are young brand at FPV market, but we will grow up fast with your help.

We are not afraid Products got problems, we always find it out and improve our products to a new level.

Hope we could get forgive and more support from that two customer who's battery got problem.





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