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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, hope it could help you little.


Please feel free contact "info@au-line.com" and Indicate your requirement, our mate will reply your requirement in 2 work days.

If you are one dealer in your cuontry, we will send our latest products listing to you for reference, we will quote prices to you if you have some products interest.

If you are one player we will recommend your local Auline dealer to you.

We will prepare your order and arrange production from material to final products immediately. The production takes 45 days.

Auline has LiPo and Li-on battery pack, they all assembled 1S 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S 12S by single cells, Every pack has Discharge connector and Balance connector. We should use smart balance charger to charging battery pack.

Plug discharge connector and balance connector to charger or only need plug balance connector to charger is ok, this depend one different charger requirement. 

Each cell's full voltage is 4.2v and current set 1C (for example: 450mah battery, 1C=0.45A).

Finally push Start button.

We will add full products at products page, sorry that make you confuse. Please feel free contact our mate info@au-line.com and describe your requirement, our mate will help you complete your requirement.

1, Please feel free contact us "info@au-line.com" then our mate will service you;

2, We will sent our full products listing to you for reference,

3, Share your label with us, please it should ai. type document.

4, We will printing label and prepare products for you,

5, Complete the order in 10days.

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