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OEM and Products Custom Service

Our brand products are mainly for the Hobby RC & Drones market, we providing high-rate LIPO battery products and high-capacity and high-rate LI-ION battery packs.

So far, we have launched a series of LIPO and LI-ION batteries in the FPV market, and we are also the first The first used 18650 batteries in FPV, and received unanimous praise from players.

We provide high-quality OEM services, seek the products you need in the products that have been tested for a long time in the market so that you have no worries about product performance and quality.

Application process for OEM service:

Send an email to info@au-line.com to ask for OEM product list - select the product from products listing - share your packaging requirements with us - provide the label ai file – we print the label - assemble the battery pack – packing & shipping – Finally complete the order


We also provide more product customization services

It includes midwife capacity customization, battery pack assembly customization, midwife shape customization and other services.

18650 21700 and LiPo all available, 18650 include VTC6 VTC4 VTC5A, NRC 18650B, INR 30T 40T etc.

The following is the finished product customized, please feel free check it out:


VTC6 4S4P 12000MAH 14.8V Li-Ion Battery Pack;

VTC6 6S3P 9000MAH 22.2V & 3S5P 15000MAH 11.1V Li-ion Battery Pack;

VTC6 5S2P 6000MAH 18.5V Li-ion Battery Pack

Application process for customized midwifery service:

Send an email to info@au-line.com stating requirements or attaching program documents - Waiting for confirmation of assembly program or battery production details - Start custom service - Confirm final product with customer - Complete order