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Ultra-high power discharge Li-ion battery

Auline A45 INR-21700

Auline has been focusing on the development of ultra-high discahrge power battery products. We Launched the new generation of 21700 power battery INR21700-A45 4000MAH.
Auline A45 Battery has ultra low IR only 3.98mΩ and real 45A Continue output power performance compared with other manfacture.
This is a new starting point for low-impedance versions that are ideal for the high-end market for E-cigarette, Cordless Tools, flashlight, Hobby RC, WingsRC, FPV and many more applications.

Nominal Voltage (V)


Typical Capacity


Discharge Current (MAX)


Weight of Battery Cell


Energy Density


Internal Resistance


Why Choose Auline A45 INR-21700 Li-ion Battery

Sub-Mainly characteristic of A45 lead it support high power output performance.

Uo to 137.25Wh

Higher retention for discharge energy up to 137.25W continuously
Discharge average voltage 3.05V * 45A Continue discharge current

500+ Cycles

High rate 82% retention

Fast Charge Support

8A continues charging current

Low Impedance Growth

Increase more cycle charge and discharge

The information contained herein is for reference only. The product test data we provided is true and valid, including different within ±5% is acceptable. Tests battery performance machine we use is NEWARE CT-4004-5V300A high precision battery discharge instrument. Different test machines will also have little different in the test data which is acceptable. Our battery test data should also be used as the main reference of the information we provide, thanks. For application specific information, please contact info@au-line.com or Auline® recognized agent.

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What's advantages of Auline A45 21700 Li-ion battery?

  • Low internal resistance: Ultra-low internal resistance is only 3.95mΩ, which is 1/3 of the internal resistance of other 18650/21700 Li-ion batteries;
  • Light weight: Auline A45 cell's weigh only 63.5g, which is 4-5g lighter than other batteries, the 6S1P battery pack is 24-30g lighter than others battery pack;
  • High discharge efficiency: more capacity can be discharged under continuous high current discharging conditions;
  • Strong discharge capacity: true 45A continuous discharge capability and ultra-high indirect 90A discharge performance;

Auline A4590A (current) Burst Discharging Test Setup Under the condition of full charge of 4.2V, the test steps are set as follows: Set the discharge current 10A for 10 seconds and the discharge current 90A for 5 seconds, and cycle discharge 20 times;
More info of 90A discharging performance display at below.