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All we sale 18650 & 21700 Li-ion Battery its full voltage is 4.2V/cell

All we sale 18650 & 21700 Li-ion Battery its full voltage is 4.2V/cell

Dear customer,

Thank you all for use Auline Li-ion battery for FPV Drone Long Range Flying, we appreciate it.

We found that many FPV players choose the LIION charging mode when charging the 18650 & 21700 type lithium battery, this is wrong way.

Because almost all smart balance chargers on the market will only charge the battery to 4.1V/cell with LIION charging mode (factory setting of the charger).

Please noted all 18650 & 21700 batteries we sell right now, their full voltage is 4.2V/cell (this is very important).

Therefore, it is recommended that when using 18650 & 21700 batteries in the future, please be sure to select the LIPO charge mode for charging, so that the battery can be fully charged correctly.

By the way 18650 and 21700 batteries we sellits minimum discharge voltage is 2.5V (generally we recommend landing voltage is 2.8V/cell, just in case over discharged)


At present, there is another problem with the smart chargers sold on the market “when the battery voltage of 18650 & 21700 is lower than 3.3V or 3.0V (different chargers have different settings), the charger will display a charging error under LIPO charging mode (the battery voltage cannot be detected), the battery cannot be charged normally.

In this case, you can first use LIION charging mode or other charging modes to charge the battery over 3.5V/cell, and then switch to LIPO mode to charge, then the battery could be charged to full voltage.


We did a discharge test on the same 21700 A45 battery, start from 4.2V-3.0V and another is 4.1V-3.0V, with discharge current of 2A,

Here is the result: 444MAH capacity different discharged between 4.2V and 4.1V.

So please charged the battery to Full Voltage 4.2V/Cell.


Hope you all have happy flying day.


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