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OSD display Auline's performence, Let's "Freestyle"

OSD display Auline's performence, Let's "Freestyle"

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  • I was absolutely floored at how much abuse a single lipo pack can take, I even accidentally flew this one WAY too low and it didn’t even reset my FC

    By the way, the Drone in this video is a custom build
    IFlight xl8
    Diatone Mamba f405 v2 stack
    iFlight Xing-e 2208 1800kv motors
    Gemfan 7040×3 props
    TBS Unify Pro32 HV
    TBS Crossfire
    Caddx Ratel 1.66mm Camera
    and filmed with
    Gopro Hero 7 black

    Randy Mad Menace

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