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What problems may occur with Battery Pack which built-in Protection Board?

What problems may occur with Battery Pack which built-in Protection Board?

1. When the Voltage Test device show the voltage of battery discharge plug 0v but the balance plug is normal, what problem it is?

This is because the Built-in Protection Board needed activated before use.

(all Auline products which built-in protector board are activated before leaving the factory).

2. How to Active the Protection Board?

Auline 3000mAh 3S for TBS CrossFire V2 Transmit as an example

Use DC 12.6v power supply contact Battery Discharge Connector for 1 second, and then you can use it normally.

3. What is the protection voltage we set?

2.8v per cells.

4. When the voltage down to 8.4v (Auline 3000mAH 3S for TBS CF Transmit) what will happen?

When your pack's voltage down to 8.4v that will active Protection Board work,

It will shut down and protect the battery pack.

When you are going to charge your pack, you need Re-active the protection board with DC 12.6v Power.

5. How to active Built-in Protection Board of 1S 2S 3S 5S 6S Battery Pack?

Same way to active the Protection Board like above, prepare DC power to connect Discharge Connector with following voltage:

1S_DC 4.20v Power supply.

2S_DC 8.40v Power supply.

3S_DC 12.6v Power supply.

4S_DC 16.8v Power supply.

5S_DC 21.0v Power supply.

6S_DC 25.2v Power supply.

6. Do we need re-active the Protection Board every time before we charge it?

It's unnecessary, only the voltage down to 8.4v (3S) it will active Protection Board protect battery pack.

So we would love suggest Pilots go to charge the battery pack before 8.6v (3S).

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