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What's Gentalman Hat mark means?

What's Gentalman Hat mark means?

Auline battery products are divided into two levels: professional level and practice level;


Professional battery features:

  1. The battery burst rate is 80C + (2inch 2.5inch 3inch FPV use battery) and 120C + (4inch 5inch FPV use battery);
  2. The unique "gentleman hat" image printed on the back of the product and the accompanying text "Into the Details" always remind players that they can easily face it in the context of a tight game, all of which are for the result of the game. In the minutiae, everything is for a better match result. Just as a gentleman behaves dignifiedly when facing a mob in order to let the mob relax his vigilance and achieve the purpose of subduing the mob.


Practice battery features:

  1. The battery explosion rate is 100C + (4inch 5inch FPV use battery), which is suitable for daily flight and practice or Freestyle use;
  2. "Warrior Mask" and the text "Into the Details" are printed on the back of the product. The essence of daily practice is to improve your flight skills and flight details. We practiced time and time again to find our own flying habits and flying skills in various corners. Just like a warrior fighting on the battlefield, always pay attention to the dangerous situation around him to survive in tension.

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